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Our philosophy

Instead of designing a cookie cutter product, we have rather decided to build a framework that enables us to effectively create custom contests for our clients to address their unique designs and contest objectives.

We focus on maximizing the viral effect of great contest ideas through technology.

Contest design as a service

Our platform is not "self serve" but rather serviced by humans. We provide this service to help overwhelmed marketing departments and over busy entrepreneurs.

You send us the concept, the design elements and the content you want for the contest (we provide a form to help you with all the required information) and a week later your contest is ready to go live.

The VIRAL link

The key element to a Viral Contest is the ability to track the viral spread and to reward the participants who have refered the most participants.

Our solution provides each participant with a unique contest participation link that she can share on social media, by email or on instant messenging services such as Skype or Live Messenger.

Contest integration

Contests are hosted on our servers (with the exception of contests using a Facebook App) but you can embbed them anywhere.

Through an iFrame, you can insert them in any page of your website or on your Facebook Page (iFrame Tab) or under a custom domain name.

Contest administration

You will have access to an Admin Panel that will allow you to see in real time: the number of participants and how many have subscribed to your newsletter or service.

You will be able at any time be able to download the list of current participants that will contain all the information collected through the contest form.

The Admin Panel also enables you to directly change some parts of the contest's content yourself.

You select the Winners

You are responsible for selecting the winners of the contest once the contest ends and you download the final list of participants.

You are also in charge of contacting the winners and delivering the promoted price.

Viral concepts that might inspire you

  • If your friend wins, you win too (the more friends you invite the more chances you have to win).
  • Each time a friend you invite enters the contest, you have an extra chance of winning.
  • Reward the participants for Sharing on Facebook or Twitter or for sending email invites (credit or coupons for example).
  • Reward the participants who refered the most friends to enter the content (whether she’s the winner or not)

Fully integrated with Social Media

We enable participants to:

  • Invite their friends directly on Facebook
  • Share their viral link on their Facebook or LinkedIn Wall
  • Share their viral link on their Twitter Feed
  • Share their viral link via instant messenger (Skype, Live Messenger, etc.)

Promotion is ESSENTIAL

We can't stress this enough, so please take note.

An effectively promoted contest can generate multiple times the entries of a non promoted contest.

We highly recommend to regularly promote the contest on your website, in your newsletter, on Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter, buy Google and Facebook Ads. Make some noise and people will come and engage.

We can help with your promotional planning.

Tracking Performance

We fully integrate with Google Analytics and even enable you to insert your own code to track traffic trends and see when the entries are slowing down so you can give a promotional push.

Mobile ready

We make sure our contests render well on smart phones so you can maximize the reach of your contest.

We might develop an App in the future if our clients have interesting contest ideas we could build for them.

What's next?

We constantly improve our platform and implement suggestions that make our clients' lives easier.

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